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About Us

Many people know us as the top fiberglass door manufacturer and installer in the Greater Toronto Area, but it hasn’t always been that way. Over two decades ago we started as a small business just struggling to get by and fighting for every sale we made. Due to our ability to provide high quality doors and windows at affordable prices and a professional installation team, we found success surprisingly fast. We quickly moved from a home business, to our first commercial site and then within a few short years we had to expand again into our current location.

Tony De Bartolo and his wife Carolina founded this business in 1986 and continue to run it today. Tony got his start in the business working for another fiberglass door manufacturer at the age of 16. He seized that opportunity and spent the following years learning every aspect of the business from the bottom up.  That experience is what kindled his passion for transforming ordinary houses into dream homes.

We are proud to have been called “innovators in design” and are extremely capable of offering design suggestions for the doors and windows that will be installed in your home. If you already have a designer, that’s great, we can work with them to achieve window and door designs that will perfectly accentuate your family’s dream home.

In addition to looking beautiful, our doors and windows are also built to the highest levels of functionality. When properly installed, our products offer an ultra-high quality thermal barrier between your home and the outside elements. This not only qualifies our products for the Energy Star and other government rebate programs but also allows you to save money every month on your utility bills by increasing the insulating properties of your home making it far more energy efficient.

We challenge you to find such high quality products and professional service at our competitive prices. Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales staff about all the ways we can help you turn your current house into your dream home and save you money at the same time.

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