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Fiberglass Doors

For generations, wood and then steel doors dominated the home door market and looked as if they would never be surpassed. However, both options had their flaws, mostly when it came to longevity. These shortcomings, combined with advances in technology eventually lead to the rise of the fiberglass door manufacturer.

Wooden doors would eventually begin to swell and shrink with natural variations of temperature and humidity leaving them prone to sticking in the frame or forming a poor seal costing you money as you try to heat or cool your home. Overtime, this repeated cycle of expansion and contraction leads to unsightly warping that not only looks bad, but also requires the door to be replaced. If not replaced and exposed to repeated exposure to extremely wet conditions, these door would eventually begin to rot and fall apart as the water was absorbed into the wood

Steel doors on the other hand eliminated the concerns of warping and rotting, but they still were far from perfect. In order to avoid excessive weight, these doors are made from a thin, stamped steel skin over a frame. These skins can be easily dented, especially in families with children. On top of that, if the paint chips or is scratched off this leaves the steel exposed to the elements where it will eventually begin to rust and leave you with unsightly door that needs to be replaced.

Thankfully, fiberglass door manufacturers have come to market and offer a product that eliminates all of these issues. The best fiberglass doors are manufactured with a durable fiberglass skin over PVC plastic stiles and rails which work together to provide a product which will last for decades with minimal maintenance. Our design and manufacturing facilities allow us to offer fiberglass doors in any style you could want to fit the design of your home, and are constantly innovating new manufacturing techniques and designs to keep us on the cutting edge of the door market. These doors can be finished in any colour you would possibly want, including highly realistic wood grains that will leave your guests with a beautiful first impression of your home for decades to come.

Products from a high quality fiberglass door manufacturer can appear to be slightly more expensive than their wood or steel counterparts when considering only the initial cost of purchase and installation. However, when you take into consideration all of the money saved in maintenance and home heating costs, as well as the long life span of fiberglass doors, they are by far the most cost effective option.

Understandably, money is a necessity and a motivator, but the absence unique of big money isn`t a door-closer.